Webinar: Why Your Technologies are Still Failing You

Supply Chain Professionals – Are you still stuck manually manipulating and cleansing your data in outdated spreadsheets? Have you been burned by large scale “digital transformation” projects that took 2 or more years to implement/see any ROI? Stop investing in traditional, outdated data cleanses and large teams of data scientists! Stop addressing your biggest challenges first. It’s time to integrate supply chain intelligence into your organization… and it is simple!
Discover how Verusen and our supply chain intelligence platform are transforming supply and materials management through digitalization of the supply ecosystem leveraging data harmonization, advanced intelligence, and decision support, making your supply chain professionals more effective and efficient. We will also discuss why addressing your MRO materials management adopting a MRO digitization strategy can be the fastest yet least risky method for initiating supply chain intelligence into your organization.


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