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VERUSEN [ver-uh-sin]


The foundation of our name Verusen comes from the Latin root verus/vera/verum which means “real, truth”. The ending of our name, “en” comes from the Latin suffix “-en” which means “to be, made of, or to make”. 

Together, Verusen is about making truth and being real.
This is the heart of our company – making truth in data.

Our Vision

“Building the intelligent, connected supply chain”


“Laid back - casual dress, open communication but also remains professional. We can successfully communicate with all levels within our customers. Also a very fun atmosphere to work in.”

- Head of Customer Success


“It's challenging in the best ways possible. There's a lot of new and exciting things but it never feels like you're too far out in front of your skis.”

- Product Manager


“Relaxed and fun! Our office is located in the heart of Midtown, Atlanta. It is an open work environment that encourages collaboration both in person & remotely. We have access to plenty of restaurants, and it is exciting to be next door to other innovators located in places such as ATDC, Coda, and the Biltmore.”

- Senior Marketing Manager


“The first thing I noticed is that everyone is genuinely nice and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable in a new environment. It's clear that the managers truly care about you as a person and want to help you succeed in your career.”



“We don't take work too seriously, which leads to creative and effective campaigns. There is no dead weight on the team and any time you surround yourself with star players, the whole group benefits.”

- Sr. Director, Marketing


“Everyone has a voice . You bring your own personal experience and expertise and there isn't an ego in the room trying to stop you from doing what you came to do. Those type of people (ego-driven) don't get hired here and probably wouldn't last. So the people who do work here are naturally happy and productive and the creative and collaborative process isn't stifled. They're also frequently hilarious and see fun as an important ingredient in the success formula.”

- Senior UI Engineer

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Our Core Values

Team of people focused on good culture

Good Humans

Our impact should enable the well-being and aspirations of our employees, our customers, our shareholders, and our community.

Ideas of innovation for digital transformation projects


We strive to be on the cutting edge and embrace change as opportunities to venture for greatness.

Hold your team accountable for good culture environment


We are accountable to each other built on a foundation of trust.

Be empathetic toward others for a good team culture


We practice and strive for greater empathy believing in a collaborative approach to solving problems and amplifying value.

Bias toward action team collaboration

Bias Toward Action

We are biased towards action taking imperative to build, implement, adapt, and resolve.

Where we work

Verusen HQ

848 Spring St. NW Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30308

Benefits and Perks


Everyone is an owner

Flexible PTO

We understand and value that time off is necessary and encourage you to take time off

401k Plan

Building for your future


Competitive Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance Benefits Coverage


Verusen Women’s employee resource group

Positions Available

We are headquartered in Atlanta but hire talent across the US.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Studies have shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they meet every one of the qualifications, as described in a job description. Our top priority is finding the best candidate for the job, and if you are interested in this position, we encourage you to apply, even if you do not believe you meet every one of our qualifications described.


Verusen created our intelligent, self-learning materials management solution to transform our future supply network.
- Top 10 Energy Supply Chain Executive

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