Right size your spare parts manufacturing MRO indirect operations materials...

in your storerooms, across your network, and on your balance sheet.

See the results our customers are achieving within months, not years


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Unique parts were efficiently managed by partitioning data


What We Do

One MRO inventory optimization platform, purpose-built to understand your MRO and spare parts data to ensure you have the right material, at the right place, at the right time.

Optimize your MRO inventory to get results

Supercharge your existing systems

Materials intelligence allows you to glean insights from your existing ERP data no matter how many systems you use

Greater network visibility

Build supply networks and hub & spoke models for sharing materials across your enterprise to optimize on-hand inventory

Streamline cross functional initiatives

Remove siloes and miscommunication that result in competing initiatives within procurement and operations teams

Avoid data cleanses

Intelligent recommendations are generated from your data as it currently exists, allowing you to get started within weeks, not years traditional approaches require

Increased confidence

Rest easy knowing you can tackle unplanned downtime quickly by finding the exact part you need from anywhere in your enterprise

Exactly what you need when you need it

Stocking recommendations for materials means you never have to carry more parts than needed and quickly identify their location when you need them

Eliminate extra carrying costs

Easily identify duplicate materials and inventory overages for spend avoidance opportunities during procurement cycles with our materials management software

Proactively address tail spend

Discover where the bulk of your tail spend occurs to establish material categories, consolidate SKUs, and normalize your supplier base

Customer Value Savings

separate SKUs managed
3 M
in spend and inventory managed
$ 1 B
in potential savings identified
1 %

AI Powered MRO Inventory Optimization Built for You

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Sick of chasing parts? Tired of the downtime fire drills?

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Eliminate tail spend and only buy what you need



Improve spend efficiency and staff productivity



Use AI to supercharge your ERP

Hear it from our Customers & Partners

“The Verusen solution found the critical assets we needed to get our assets up and running in 3 days instead of 4+ weeks, saving us millions”

Top 10 CPG Company NA Reliability Manager

“Verusen is able to provide objective review even with data inconsistencies thereby, helping our experts (both centrally and in the field) uncover inconsistencies.”

Top 3 Pulp & Paper Inventory Manager

“Critical solution at a critical time for our business, eliminating years of data cleansing and distrust in our inventory optimization efforts.”

Top 3 Energy Provider VP Supply Chain Management

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched Verusen* into our SAP Store. SAP’s endorsement will help Verusen continue to grow as they deliver transformative and significant value to our customers and the SAP network."

CPG Global Vice President


Verusen created our intelligent, self-learning materials management solution to transform our future supply network.
- Top 10 Energy Supply Chain Executive

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