The Power of Intelligence for Your Supply Chain

Are you tired of the same old data cleanse year after year, that leaves you with the same dirty, incomplete data that you had the year before? Many believe large scale implementation projects or hiring a team of 5+ data scientists will do the trick, but soon discover they still haven’t fully optimized their inventory or removed risk from their MRO supply strategy.

Listen in with our team of experts to discover how Verusen and our supply chain intelligence platform are transforming the traditional way of managing your supply chain materials with the power of deep learning and artificial intelligence. Our experts dive into the details of the supply chain power and successes we have seen from our proprietary technology paired with our subject matter expertise, and how it enables better data visibility and insights, improving decision making to reduce risk and optimizing inventory. They also share the value of a system that accounts for your constantly evolving data sets, context, and human intelligence that exists across your workforce.


Danny Ramos

Danny Ramos
Product Manager

Senior Data Scientist 
Chief Data Scientist