Webinar: Supply Chain Intelligence – Why You Should Start with MRO to Reduce Risk

Many companies are struggling with how to align their investment strategies in order to improve their supply reliability and agility. Initiating your transformation journey with MRO materials management allows you to adopt innovative, resource friendly technology with less risk than one focused solely on direct materials. And, it solves key challenges for operations and plant managers who struggle to reduce supply risk without increasing cost across their enterprise network.

With much of the data being spread across a number of disconnected, legacy systems, MRO materials management remains very manual, time consuming and often subject to costly oversights or errors. As a result, many plants find themselves with duplicates and higher quantities of some parts but shortages or outages of others. This is further complicated as long standing institutional knowledge continues to leave the workforce in record numbers, leaving large gaps in expertise.

Discover how Verusen’s AI and machine learning platform allows you to capture the human intelligence stored in your supply chain workforce to improve decision making and allow simultaneous optimization of MRO materials inventory while reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions from shortages and outages.

If you’re interested in reading our whitepaper, ‘Elevating Digital Transformation with Intelligent MRO Optimization’, you can download it here