MRO Webinar: Making the Case for MRO Materials Management

Many companies are still struggling to improve their supply chain reliability and agility. While there was a glimpse of hope in the first quarter of 2022, things are only getting worse with the war in Ukraine, surging COVID cases in China, and the ‘sansdemic’ labor shortages – as they have added yet another layer of disruption to the global flow of goods and services. 

One opportunity area of manufacturing operations many organizations may overlook involves their MRO materials management strategy. Making sure you have the right maintenance and repair parts on hand is crucial to keep your plants running smoothly so that you can meet your customer’s needs. As both inflation and risk continue to rise, countering both with MRO optimization should be a top priority for your organization. 

Listen in on our 2022 MRO webinar to learn how Verusen & Machine Compare are helping global manufacturers bypass the data cleansing needed to understand their materials data, optimize both inventory and procurement to eliminate waste, easily market their excess inventory, and source parts while saving money & reducing risk from shortages and outages. 


Ben Findlay
Machine Compare

VP Strategy & GTM,
Industry Advisor,