Use Case | Top 5 Industrial Distributor

Verusen helped North American Parts Distributor harmonize data to create a single source of truth catalog for 11MM+ unique parts in 12 months


Unique parts were efficiently managed by partitioning data in < 12 months


Acceptance rate, signifying a highly accurate identification of duplicates

Our Client

Top 5 Industrial Distributor in North America & a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company

Key Business Needs

  • Single source of truth: one catalog with accurate, optimized data, giving them confidence to share with customers
  • Better connected with customers to improve the customer experience by enabling them to reduce production downtown caused by unexpected outages 
  • Improve the quality of inventory data for their internal warehouse operations
  • Build resilience in supply chain and maximize value with better supply chain data insights 


Business Challenge

  • Large amount of data (over 11M unique parts) being managed with legacy systems 
  • Data inconsistent and erroneous due to recent acquisition and alternate systems 
  • 2+ resources solely dedicated to managing data
  • Inventory not optimized to share with their customers 


Verusen delivered immediate and sustainable business outcomes, harmonized our client’s data for a single source of truth catalog so they could remain confident in their catalog data integrity going forward.

This has paved the way for the opportunity to optimize inventory with their customers, scale their inventory distribution networks, and apply data learnings across their business.

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Verusen created our intelligent, self-learning materials management solution to transform our future supply network.
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