2021 State of Supply Chain – How Supply Chain Disruptions Have Shaped Initiatives and Priorities

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Verusen’s Annual State of Supply Chain report. Each year, we poll supply chain executives around the world to compile tips, supply chain trends and initiatives currently being prioritized, striving to get a pulse on the industry and many other valuable insights, like supply chain priorities.

As we approach 2022, many organizations are continuing to act in response to the global pandemic and the completely unforeseen impacts it has caused. For most, this has resulted in massive revenue losses, materials shortages, inconsistent data and increased strain on networks around the world.

Download this report and you’ll learn how supply chain executives are responding to constantly evolving challenges, what industry experts are hoping to implement to prevent future supply chain disruptions, and where we think the biggest opportunities are to digitally transform while navigating the obstacles we continue to face