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The Future of America’s Energy Supply Chain

's Energy Supply Chain

Photo By Soonthorn Regulatory change, a growing need for energy solutions, and disruptive geopolitical events have thrown the energy supply chain for a loop. With so much change, optimization strategies that once worked are no longer sufficient.  What will this…

How to Optimize CPG Manufacturing Growth in 2023

Optimize CPG Manufacturing Growth

Photo By Blue Planet Studio If leaders in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry learned anything through the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that supply chain resilience and responsiveness are necessary for successful operations.  CPG manufacturers must adopt effective strategies to make the…

Handling Aerospace Materials Management in 2023

Man working on a plane engine

Photo By Yaroslav Astakhov In light of recent events, “uncertainty” has been the defining word for the aerospace industry.  Disruptive events like the Covid-19 pandemic, the raw material shortages, and the lack of skilled labor have completely changed the aerospace…