Dealing with dirty data in your ERP? Here’s what you can do about it.

What is dirty data? We all know it can be a mess. So now what can YOU do about it?

This is certainly no news to you, but here at Verusen, we understand bad data quality is a huge problem. Companies waste millions of dollars a year due to unreliable data.  It’s impossible to manage your day-to-day, while also focusing on cost savings and optimizing an effective supply chain.  

Many companies have warehouses and manufacturing sites across various locations which lead to disconnected teams, sizable issues and losses relative to their data transparency and reliability.

We recently worked with Gartner to understand what data scientists and materials managers were doing on a day- to- day basis. 

Between those two groups alone, we found that 70% of their time was actually spent attempting to harmonize their data by trying to categorize and clean it. So only 30% of their day was actually dedicated to strategic tasks to get their job done.

We think it’s time to eliminate this traditional data cleanse. Don’t you agree? Keep reading to find some dirty data examples.

Cleaning dirty data is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge — do it once but you’ll be back to painting it again in no time!

Cleaning data manually is both a financial and a time burden. Imagine all that you’re losing by not having efficient, reliable data because of the time and effort it takes to try to clean it up. With disconnected incentives amongst teams like procurement and operations, challenges in technology adoption, and ballooning inventory costs, many supply chain organizations incorrectly focus their attention and budget on non-scalable, short-term band-aid solutions. 

One of our favorite analogies when it comes to cleaning data is comparing it to painting the Golden Gate Bridge. Once you get done with it, you have to go back and start over again. It’s a continuous process that never  seems complete unless you partner with the right technology. This is where we come in! We eliminate manual data cleansing and streamline processes to enable a more connected, intelligent supply chain for your data, systems, and people! 

Sounds great right? Now let us tell you how we actually help!

We offer a purpose-built AI & Machine Learning platform that changes the way your supply chain works (for the better!). Some of our favorite parts about our platform are: 

  • Inventory Optimization: We find you verifiable savings across your various locations for your indirect materials data 
  • Duplicate Verification: Our platform learns your data,  identifies duplicates, and makes recommendations to reduce your materials inventory 
  • Visibility & Search: We provide Google-like search across your different ERPs and locations. This helps reduce the opportunity for duplicate data creation in the future 

These features build a level of trust in your data that we can guarantee you have never had before! 

A few weeks ago, we held a webinar with Graphic Packaging International where we showcased how we identified over $20 million in opportunity in just 30 days. You can check out the blog post here to see the process and how we accomplished this. 

Focus on the outcome of how technology can help your supply chain and flip it on it’s head

At Verusen, we’re focused on getting users  to make decisions quickly. We provide relevant, real-time, dynamic data. 

We’re not doing everything just based on what the AI is telling us. This is not a guessing game. We’re allowing you to have the choices to build out the neural net based on your data and the decisions that you specifically make — which is really the power of this tool as a whole. Within the first 30 days, we take your data, ingest it,  then let the AI begin to train , learn and understand your data. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us and request a demo today.

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