2019 SAPPHIRE NOW: Quality Data and the Customer Experience

The Verusen team was excited to recently join other IT professionals at SAP’s 2019 SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., to hear about the latest developments and trends in the SAP ecosystem. As our focus is on improving data quality and accuracy to help companies improve supply chain efficiency, it was great to hear the conversation around these topics.

Below are a few key takeaways from the event.

Digital Supply Chain Visibility Moves into the Must-Have Category: Enterprise data visibility is no longer good enough. Companies that can solve for upstream/downstream supply chain visibility throughout an ecosystem will have a competitive advantage. Key to this is convergence of the digital and physical supply chains, which provides visibility into real-time events so you can analyze and predict impacts of order line items and inventory positions, for example. Fortunately, it appears that technology is now fueling the physical-digital supply chain convergence.

Data Quality Is Now a Minimum Requirement: Customer experience (CX) was front and center at the SAP event, and data was a huge theme underlying CX. It’s clear that quality data is a minimum requirement to properly servicing customers, and siloed data (both internal to an organization and external into the supply chain ecosystem) is no longer acceptable as companies look to execute digital supply chain strategies. While it’s now implied that having trusted data is table stakes for servicing customers and achieving supply chain efficiency, data integration is still a major challenge for most large organizations.

From these takeaways, it’s obvious that the more aggressively an organization is looking to digitize its supply chain, the more important having a trusted data foundation and underlying intelligence becomes. Companies can’t afford to trust manual processes and data stewardship and expect to achieve the speed and scale necessary to compete in dynamic markets. From the Verusen standpoint, it was gratifying to know our AI, machine learning platform and predictive solution is well positioned to help customers tap into accurate materials inventory data so they can achieve supply chain digitization goals and support world-class CX for their own customers.

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