Ask The Expert: Stop Relying on Excess Inventory as an Insurance Policy

For decades, global manufacturers have relied on excess inventory as an insurance policy to combat unexpected disruption, often at the expense of opportunities to balance working capital. What if you no longer had to choose between reducing risk and optimizing costs? Join our next Ask the Experts session on August 11 @11:00 to learn how purpose-built “plug n’ play” solutions now offer organizations the ability to truly bridge the gap between procurement and operations initiatives for the next generation of materials management maturity.

In this session, we explore why we see manufacturers investing in purpose built supply chain intelligence in order to reduce risk and optimize inventory in the area of Maintenance, Repair and Operating supplies. Along with recommendations for how this fits into the overall supply chain maturity journey and recommendations for key capabilities that are required to maximize value and ensure return on investment.


Crawford McCarty
Senior Director, Marketing

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Head of Customer Success
Danny Ramos
Product Manager