Reduce Risk & Optimize Working Capital in Your Supply Network

Even with the help of modern ERP solutions, manufacturers & suppliers still struggle to harmonize data across facilities. As a result, organizations focus material spend at the plant level rather than optimizing inventory levels and reducing risk across their entire enterprise network. Not only is a lack of investment and innovation in this area increasing the risk of unplanned downtime, inventories remain bloated as data remains siloed across multiple systems, making data aggregation nearly impossible. Even companies with robust integration strategies, data lakes and analytics improvements struggle to provide their team with the tools that provide actionable insights and decision support. 

In this session, we will explore how investing in purpose-built supply chain intelligence at the network level will reduce risk and optimize inventory across your entire organization. Starting with the area of Maintenance, Repair and Operating supplies, while also building an inventory optimization blueprint that can be applied to your direct materials management. Join this session to learn how this fits into the overall supply chain maturity journey, maximizes value, and ensures return on investment. 


Crawford McCarty
Senior Director, Marketing

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Head of Customer Success
Danny Ramos
Product Manager