Webinar | 3 Strategies to Stabilize Your Supply Chain Amidst an Economic Downturn

Unplanned downtime, material shortages, capacity and labor shortages – If global manufacturers have learned anything, it’s that new elements of supply chain risks and uncertainties lie around every corner. And as an economic downturn rears its head once again, many supply chain leaders are feeling the pressure to find ways to reduce wasted working capital across their supply chains.

Learn how leading manufacturers are focusing their efforts on operating cost reductions, with materials management as an initial starting point for removing wasted spend. We will discuss how key economic downturn strategies, e.g. harmonizing materials management, can be implemented in less than 90 days and ensure wasted working capital savings will hit your bottom line. Don’t let preparing your supply chain for the next economic uncertainty be more stressful than it has to be.


Chief of Staff/VP Operations

Daryl Lu

Senior Manager, Product And Content Marketing

Josh Ferguson

Executive VP, Supply Chain Operations

Irv Grossman


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