Verusen Platform Capabilities

Business Intelligence (BI) Capability

Announcing new AI-powered supply chain Business Intelligence capability, the latest offering from Verusen. Insightful, visually appealing, and actionable reports and dashboards are now available all in one place. This latest capability will provide Verusen customers with better and faster decision-making, enable better visibility into their material data, and ultimately drive improved business outcomes for their businesses. These reports and insights are self-service and can answer ad-hoc questions as users are working in the platform. Serving all customer roles from maintenance personnel to procurement to executives, these dashboards accelerate strategic decision-making across supply chain ecosystems.

The visibility and actionable insights you gain from our Business Intelligence capability span across your entire organization. Here are some of the benefits from our BI capability you will realize:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of inventory levels and policies to make data-driven decisions through insightful visualizations that help optimize inventory management and reduce working capital
  • Identify improvements in your MRO processes by analyzing materials data and usage patterns through canned reports, enabling you to take corrective action and streamline your operations
  • View reports that consolidate inventory data from disparate ERP systems across all facilities, providing a unified view of inventory levels and trends and enabling you to make informed decisions about procurement and inventory management
  • Empower teams with real-time insights and reporting, allowing them to collaborate more effectively and achieve better outcomes


Verusen created our intelligent, self-learning materials management solution to transform our future supply network.
- Top 10 Energy Supply Chain Executive

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