Trusted Material

Spare Parts Optimization, Indirect Inventory and Future Spend

Trusted Material helps manufacturers by optimizing spare parts and indirect inventory

Quickly identify waste and risk, leading to a more efficient utilization of spare parts in manufacturing operations

Why Trusted Material?

For Manufacturers
  • Optimize inventory and harmonize data
  • Drive better sourcing decisions
  • Minimize unplanned production downtime
  • Reduce duplicate materials
  • Fuzzy-logic material search engine 
  • Share excess materials across facilities
  • Centralize inventory storerooms and hubs
  • Disposition slow moving inventory

Customer Value Savings


Working Capital Reduction


Return on Investment


Cost Avoidance / Savings Opportunities

Trusted Network

Optimize your Spare Parts Across Your Network of Facilities

Trusted Network helps enterprise manufacturers centralize procurement and stocking strategies with scenario models

Make fast, data-backed decisions for sharing excess materials across your enterprise, while also revealing critical material shortages

Why Trusted Network?

  • Share excess materials between facilities
  • Centralize inventory stores and hubs
  • Increase data visibility between procurement and operations
  • Minimize unplanned downtime with materials visibility 

See the results our customers are achieving within months, not years

$30M in
24-36 Months

Verusen helps Top 10 Global CPG company identify $30M in working capital & risk reduction opportunities across its 6 global zones in 24-36 months


Verusen created our intelligent, self-learning materials management solution to transform our future supply network.
- Top 10 Energy Supply Chain Executive

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