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MRO Management4.0

Industry 4.0 initiatives tend to be thought of as a complete supply chain revolution, but you can’t truly revolutionize manufacturing without first shoring up MRO. Overseeing maintenance and repair operations means management of crucial MRO materials and supplier relationships that can easily fall through the cracks, leading to increased downtime, lost revenue, and extreme production inefficiencies. MRO materials management is tough as it is, but with most data being spread across many disconnected systems, this becomes a very manual and time consuming process. 

Leveraging a partner like Verusen helps you streamline MRO materials management and progress towards Industry 4.0 initiatives by automating inventory management strategies, accelerating operational reliability, and reducing overall supply chain risk. 

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Our solutions integrate directly with leading software providers like SAP, providing:

  • Increased control over your inventory
  • Inventory optimization recommendations
  • Spend analytics and supplier performance metrics
  • Reduced data complexity 
  • Simplified supply chain reliability and resiliency
  • Better insights and processes to streamline decision-making processes


Verusen is a proud SAP partner. Learn how you can easily integrate your SAP solutions with Verusen’s platform to simplify supply chain reliability and resiliency with intelligent materials management here.


Mergers and acquisitions are common scaling and cost saving strategies that enable manufacturers to increase market share, create longevity, and increase revenue and profitability. Unfortunately, M&A activity can significantly disrupt workflows and often take year to successfully migrate all necessary components into the larger organization.

During this transition, MRO and spare parts inventory management can slip through the cracks and severely handicap synergy in your M&A strategy. Avoid costly downtime and manual processes when you implement a material management solution like Verusen.

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Verusen created our intelligent, self-learning materials management solution to transform our future supply network.
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