Right Size Your Spare Parts with an MRO Health Check

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Manufacturers are constantly straddling the line between excessive waste and excessive risk. Rather than relying on gut feeling and excel spreadsheets, let’s talk data.

The Verusen MRO Health Check is an in-depth analysis into your MRO and Spare Parts data, helping you streamline your materials management by revealing opportunities from data consolidation to risk reduction, allowing you to make more informed decisions with your manufacturing processes.

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How It Works

Step 1: The Data

Our data-driven approach starts with a quick briefing between your team and our data scientists. Once we confirm you have the data available, we’ll start working our magic and run your real data through our A.I.

Verusen’s AI-based Material Truth™ materials management platform enables data harmonization across multiple systems and locations and ensures that when an inevitable problem occurs, you know you have the supplies to resolve it.

Step 2:The Magic

Using your real data, our A.I. will begin building a custom dashboard, driving visibility into key areas of your manufacturing business.

Manufacturers are already working within slim margins and high volume. Manual or improper spare parts management means more wasted internal resources, lower efficiency, and significant revenue losses.

Step 3:The Insights

In as little as three days, you’ll receive your MRO Health Check, giving you the visibility to make better decisions around your materials network, curb tail spend and free up working capital.

During this discussion, you’ll also receive our recommendations on where you can optimize your spare parts inventory and how much of a reduction you can expect when you implement a material management solution like Verusen.

Want to see how it works? Check out this self-guided platform tour.


Verusen created our intelligent, self-learning materials management solution to transform our future supply network.
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