Verusen Product Updates | July 2022

Trusted Network

Announcing Trusted Network, the latest offering from Verusen, purpose-built to drive network transparency at a scale never before seen for materials management. Our users wanted a way to identify existing inventory levels, supplier metrics, and strategic sourcing opportunities across multiple facilities.

Trusted Network provides greater visibility and actionable insights (recommendations) across inventory in the entire organization. You can build networks based on a variety of criteria/variables plus Verusen is able to find “unintuitive” opportunities through our new automated networks feature.
The visibility and actionable insights you gain from Trusted Network span across your entire organization – ensuring each one of your sites has what they need, when they need it. Here are some of the benefits you will realize:

  • Inventory optimization across your supply network: The perfect balance of capital and risk, with most customers realizing a 15-20% working capital reduction while also reducing their risk profile
  • Redistribution recommendations: Reduce lead time risk and more efficiently consume overmax by aggregating materials at an internal site
  • Collaboration between facilities: Strategic sourcing alignment across facilities to reduce procurement requirements/efforts and highlight opportunities to reduce working capital and risk
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A common opportunity for improvement within our user base involved streamlining the actionable insights process.

Introducing Workflows. Collaborative decisions regarding inventory management are no longer manual. Forget the spreadsheets, email chains and wrangling stakeholders together for strategic actions.

The new Role-based Approval Workflows allows the right people to review only relevant recommendations based on their role and location. This ensures the right people are involved in each decision. Additionally, the new Recommendation Assignment allows a user to send a specific recommendation to another user (or group of users) for review – making it easy to collaborate with others. Lastly, the Activity tab on the Recommendation cards lets users chat with others within the context of a recommendation.

The Workflow updates enable users to align the work in Verusen to their existing business processes: Managers can review recommendations before implementing changes and collaborating across an organization for inventory decisions is more efficient. Also, adoption of the platform is easier and reviewing recommendations is more efficient.

All Materials Review

Many of our business users wanted a way to review / take action on all of their inventory, not just inventory Verusen provides recommendations for.

Introducing All Materials Review: This update provides users with the ability to take action on any material, not just those with Verusen recommendations. Users can now review a new type of material card that will show their current stocking strategy, on-hand inventory information, and any purchase order and goods movement data.

With this new update, organizations can now conduct audits on all their materials through Verusen, not only materials receiving recommendations. This allows organizations to meet compliance requirements in certain industries and gives all our customers the ability to see, search and analyze all their MRO inventory in one place.

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Release Recommendation Re-Run

Users wanted a solution that was “always on”. Introducing Release Recommendation Re-Run. Verusen will now re-run any verified recommendations when we identify significant gaps in unit cost, lead time, or opportunity value, assuming the verification happened more than six months in the past. This helps enterprise organizations move passed the “one-time project” mindset and towards the “always on” solution.

SAP Connector

Global enterprises regularly struggle to move data between their various systems. Announcing the SAP Connector. As users work on their materials data, completing tasks like confirming or rejecting actionable insights, they’re now able to use their own IT-approved RPA (robotic processes automation) tool to update SAP from the Verusen platform directly without any additional lift or resources.


Verusen created our intelligent, self-learning materials management solution to transform our future supply network.
- Top 10 Energy Supply Chain Executive

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