Enterprises with complex and distributed supply chains rely on Verusen’s purpose-built AI platform to substantially reduce their material and inventory costs.

See how these companies are saving millions in material costs by using Verusen’s AI platforrm. Georgia Pacific, Sherwin-Wiliiams, Southern Company, Graphic Packaging, Koch, UltraTech Cement, Invista, ABInBev, Aditya Birla Group, Cervejaria AMBEV


While any enterprise with significant indirect material costs will benefit from Verusen’s AI platform, those with the largest, most disparate supply chains will realize benefits and value fastest. With Verusen on board, your supply chain professionals will be able to make better, more informed decisions faster. As customers add tribal knowledge to the platform over time, the AI constantly learns and hones recommendations.

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With a highly complex and distributed supply chain, companies in the automotive industry must optimize inventory management to achieve cost objectives. Stocked but not overstocked is a tricky equation to solve. Companies that leverage Verusen’s platform have visibility to the items needed based on purchase history to enable better decision making, while keeping their supply chain lean.

CPG Manufacturing

Many CPG Manufacturing companies spend significant time developing dashboards to analyze inventory turns, parts locations, obsolescence, etc., with tremendous effort into data quality. Even with all of this effort, their insights and analyses are untimely and often insufficient for decision making. Companies that leverage Verusen’s platform have access to the necessary insights to make better, quicker decisions, while reducing the excess and duplicate inventory.

Energy & (Oil & Gas)

Companies in the Energy & (Oil & Gas) industry must ensure materials reliability and availability due to the criticality of their operations. Often companies are challenged with the lack of visibility to the parts on-hand due to their disparate data and systems. Leveraging Verusen’s platform enables the enterprise network hub and plant-by-plant view to understand where the necessary inventory is when it is needed.

Industrial Distribution / Suppliers

Companies in industrial distribution are often challenged with real-time inventory data to drive proactive sales strategies, aligning with demand, and minimizing inventory costs. They need to identify duplicate and slow moving inventory to avoid unnecessary carrying costs. Leveraging the Verusen platform enables distributors to measure and improve their companies inventory performance.


Manufacturers face numerous challenges, including: aligning inventory and demand planning, overstock and obsolete parts, poor naming conventions, disconnected inventory data sources, duplicate data, poor visibility across facilities, etc. They end up with bloated supply chains with excess inventories and missed opportunities to leverage spend in procurement. Leveraging Verusen’s platform reduces working capital for the complex manufacturing companies.


Procurement & Sourcing

Procurement & Sourcing is focused on reducing cost through better inventorying and purchasing. They are challenged with disparate data sources and no consolidated visibility across the different facility locations. Because they do not have transparency to materials on-hand, it leads to excess inventory, overspending/overstocking duplicate materials.

Supply Chain / Manufacturing & Operations

Supply Chain / Manufacturing & Operations are focused on driving operational efficiencies through increased production uptime for facility locations. They need to improve the forecasting process and overall planning execution, while reducing costs and improving working capital. They must have the right materials, at the right time, in the right location to ensure seamless maintenance reliability for the facilities.

IT / Data

IT / Data are focused on enabling the organization to reach their transformational goals by ensuring effective implementation of IT systems, software applications, and IT support and infrastructure systems. They are challenged with system integration and data fluidity, while ensuring the security and accuracy of data.


Finance is focused on budget setting for the organization. They are driven to reduce the organization’s P&L, and must guide the organization’s leaders to make better, cost-reducing decisions.


Inventory Optimization

Organizations focus on inventory optimization to reduce inventory costs in the supply chain, while improving availability, increasing profitability, and providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Data Cleanse

Organizations focus on data cleansing to detect and correct inaccurate data caused by poor decision making of duplicate part creation, incomplete data, etc.

Working Capital

Working capital is a way to measure a company’s liquidity, operational efficiency, and short-term financial health. Organizations often focus on reducing working capital through a variety of projects, such as inventory optimization, to reduce unnecessary costs of carrying unnecessary inventory.