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AI-Driven Inventory Innovation Product Tour

Featuring a Fortune 500 CPG Customer

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Are you frustrated with spending too much time, money, and resources cleaning data so you can optimize inventory?

What if you could aggregate all your material data into one unified AI-driven cloud platform that improves inventory management performance!

Learn how Verusen helped one Fortune 500 CPG customer achieve 20 Million+ in verified savings in less than 100 days by unifying supply operations, procurement, and finance strategies to:

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Prevent over-procurement
  • Free up working capital
  • Reduce stock-out risks

Customer Testimonial:

“The Verusen cloud architecture made it simple, not only to gain wide adoption, but also aggregate multiple SAP/EAM systems simultaneously, unifying Supply Ops, Procurement, and Finance strategies.”

A few of our customers


Paul Noble

Paul Noble

Founder & CEO

Paul Noble is Founder and CEO of Verusen, a technology firm that uses AI to predict inventory and harmonize data organizations in a variety of industries — a true material master with 10+ years in the supplier/manufacturing industry.

Paul’s passion for entrepreneurship has always shaped his approach for go-to-market strategies and tools which was the driving force behind pursuing his dream of launching Verusen to improve the availability of easy-to-use technology for optimizing the supply chain for materials and MRO.

Rachana Neelankavil

Rachana Neelankavil

Innovation Fellow | Point A / Georgia Pacific & Invista

Rachana works with members of the Point A ecosystem to solve complex problems to create supply chains of the future. This involves business intelligence & advanced analytics as they apply to Strategic Sourcing and Procurement through innovative technologies, with focus on planning and optimization.