We are the fusion of AI and supply chain professionals.

We don’t dabble in supply chains.

We’re not generalists.  We delve deeply into supply chains. Applying AI to supply chains is all we do. It’s what inspires us daily to apply our intelligence to very real, thorny, and costly issues related to materials. We watch our clients’ dashboard of savings like hawks, applauding each new verified savings as it materializes.


It was no easy task to make the most sophisticated AI platform for supply chain personnel simple, approachable. Our big brain thinkers, developers and data scientists are infinitely curious. Just as they are constantly learning, we infused in our platform that same level of curiosity, making it easy for our customers to add information that further improves performance.


Truth is our DNA. It’s our mission. Our focus. Our promise. Our brand. Truth is our ancestry and our progeny. Truth is the meaning of our company name: Verus, which is Latin for true. To us, material truth is often elusive to supply chain personnel who are responsible for making millions of dollars of purchases. Truth moves. It shifts. It’s fluid. Truth is only absolute for a moment in time. As such, it’s hard to find and keep a handle on truth. We exist to deliver material truth to our customers. We accomplish this by creating the most advanced AI platform for supply chain personnel. Though our software is complex, using it is anything but. We’ve done the heavy lifting, the neural processing, and the machine learning aspects so you can focus on making informed, data-driven decisions based on material truth.

World-Class Partners and Investors

Engage Ventures Atlanta, GA https://engage.vc/  https://www.linkedin.com/company/engagevc/

Zetta Venture Partners San Francisco, CA http://zettavp.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/atdc/

Glasswing Ventures Boston, MA http://glasswing.vc/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/glasswing-ventures/

Kubera VC San Francisco, CA https://www.kubera.vc/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/kuberavc/

Flyover Capital Overland Park, KS http://www.flyovercapital.com https://www.linkedin.com/company/flyovercapital/

Dynamo Venture Capital Chattanooga, TN http://dynamo.vc/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/dynamovc/

ATDC Georgia Tech https://atdc.org/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/atdc/

SAP.iO & SAP Partner Walldorf, BW https://www.sap.com https://www.linkedin.com/company/sap/

Forte Ventures Sunnyvale, CA & Atlanta, GA  https://www.forteventures.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/forte-capital-management-forte-ventures-/



Paul Noble: CEO & Founder ■ Bio: Paul is the Founder & CEO of Verusen. His passion for entrepreneurship has always shaped his approach for go-to-market strategies and tools, which was the driving force to pursue his dream of launching his own organization to improve the availability of easy to use technology for optimizing the supply chain for materials management. He launch Verusen (previously known as “Autit”) in 2018. Prior to founding Verusen, he spent over a decade with The Sherwin-Williams Company working in supply chain/manufacturing and most recently leading their Eastern US Industrial Distribution business unit.

Jeff Wilson: Chief Revenue Officer ■ Bio: Jeff is the Chief Revenue Officer at Verusen. He has over 20+ years experience in the software industry building, and transforming growth within multiple industries, primarily within the Supply Chain market. He has led many business initiatives requiring extensive expertise leading Sales and Marketing teams, driving go-to-market execution and operational efficiency. Prior to joining Verusen, he spent several years at Profisee, a data management company, as their Chief Marketing Officer, leading their Sales & Operations & Enablement.

Andrew Vaughan: Chief Technology Officer ■ Bio: Andrew is the Chief Technology Officer at Verusen. He is a seasoned product and technology leader with experience developing efficient, collaborative marketing and development cultures. He is extremely proficient in developing effective digital solutions and empowering teams with appropriate development practices. He advocates for self-managed teams as a method of organic growth, with an overall goal of empowering individuals and teams to test hypotheses using data-driven, high-impact design methods. He is knowledgeable in creating and maintaining complex operations and oversight of large portfolios, budgets, and workforces, while remaining current with technology standards, often providing hands-on assistance with solutions, as needed. Prior to joining the Verusen team, Andrew was VP & Head of Engineering for project44, an advanced visibility platform for shippers and logistics service providers.

Daryl Lu: VP of Customer ■ Bio: Daryl is the VP of Customer at Verusen. He is an entrepreneur with passions in strategy development and execution, and has held roles in both growth and product. He is a huge proponent in connecting with and teaching others — building the culture of a company. He has founded and co-founded several startups in the past, as well as consulted a variety of companies, from early-stage to large businesses. Prior to joining the Verusen team, Daryl was the Head of Sales and Marketing for Saleswise, a management platform helping leaders assess the productivity and performance of their teams.